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This post introduces a new open-source iOS pie chart class, BNPieChart.  It’s designed to draw beautiful, scalable pie charts with a dead-simple interface. To get the class, just click the Downloads button from the moriarty github page. This chart: is produced with this code: BNPieChart *chart = [[[BNPieChart alloc] initWithFrame:frame] autorelease]; [chart addSlicePortion:0.1 withName:@"Orange"]; [chart […]

Drag and drop in 3 lines

This post introduces the PuttyView class, which is built to act like a moveable and resizable window-like object in iOS.  It contains one primary view, called the contentView, and moves and resizes that view according to where the user drags their finger. (Source code link at the bottom.) Drag and drop in 3 lines Probably […]