Monthly Archives: February 2011

Want to beta test a game?

Readers, I will be posting less frequently for the next month or so, since I’m focusing my time on a puzzle game called Loop Twister that I’m creating for iPad and iPhone. I know, this is very sad news for you, who love to read my ever-useful tips on iOS coding. However, like the silver […]

Unresponsive UI

Here are some tips for debugging unresponsive UI elements, such as a UIButton or UISlider. These tips work for me at least 90% of the time I have this problem, which is great because there are many possible causes. Use recursiveDescription The single most useful advice here is to use the undocumented API call [UIView […]

Debug reference counting for any class

In a previous post, I mentioned a trick that I sometimes use to debug memory issues where a class I own is either being released too soon (often resulting in a EXC_BAD_ACCESS exception), or is leaked, resulting in low memory. The main idea was to temporarily override key methods such as retain, release, and autorelease […]