is a small Objective-C library to assist with iPhone development. It's distributed under the apache license.



file description
be.h | be.m Reduces the common pattern [[[MyType alloc] init] autorelease] to [[MyType be] init].
hybrid_headers.h Normally, if your ObjC object contains a pointer to any ObjC++ object, anything using your object needs to be compiled as ObjC++. This fixes that.
HTTPHelper.h | HTTPHelper.m | HTTPHelperDelegate.h Reduces HTTP calls to one line.
NavTableDisplay.h A clean, simple protocol for model objects which can be displayed in a table within a navigation controller.
OutlinedView.h | OutlinedView.m Adds a 1 pixel outline around any view without affecting the inner contents. Useful for debugging.
GridView.h | GridView.m Facilitates building a grid of other views, such as a keypad consisting of an array of buttons.
LICENSE Use and distribution license (apache).