Monthly Archives: April 2010

What’s wrong with Flash?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve already heard about Apple’s anti-Flash sentiments which were explicitly defended by a public note from Steve Jobs yesterday. My two cents: he’s right, but Apple is still coming across as pushy. The cross-platform blues As a young naïve developer, I once craved the power of cross-platform tools. […]

let it be

This post explains one of my favorite NSObject categories – one that is extremely universal and handy for shorter and, in my opinion, more memory-manageable code.  (Code below.) Edit: Commenter David found a bug in this implementation. Check out the fixed version here; the new source files are listed at the bottom of that post. (The […]

iPad fonts

Below is a graphic listing all the fonts supported by default on the iPad.  It’s a rather tall graphic, so I’ll keep the rest of this short post above it. Here’s the main chunk of code used to generate these images: This is the only method you need to override in your own UIViewController in […]

Detecting orientation