iOS Jobs and Candidates

The goal of this post is to help connect some good iOS coders with contracts/jobs.

I’ve been hearing a lot of interest in iOS development work from startups looking for either a consultant or a full-time employee. At the same time I do not know very many iOS developers who are available to work (including me, currently).

If you’re an iOS developer interested in getting a contract or job, you can contact me by leaving a comment to this post. I will not make any of these comments public, so no one will see them but me. I’m basically using the comment system as a messaging system here. To be clear: no one will see your comment but me (for this post only). Please include some evidence of your skill as an iOS coder, and your email address so I can reply. I won’t share any of this information with anyone else unless I explicitly ask you first (and get your approval, of course!).

If you’re a startup looking to hire people, you can also contact me the same way. Be aware that there is much more demand than supply right now, so I can’t promise anything.

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