iOS Quick Questions

This post introduces a publicly editable table of quick iOS questions and their answers.  Think of it as a very lite version of focused on iOS.  For example, you might ask the question, “How do I cancel a UIView animation?” and the answer is to use the

[CALayer removeAllAnimations]

method.  This question/answer pair is very short – it’s something you might discover on your own while looking through Apple’s extensive docs.  If you want to share this knowledge, the stackoverflow environment doesn’t feel like a place where you’re meant to purposefully ask questions you know the answer to, and the useful posts tend to be longer-form question/answer pairs.  So the idea of the iOS Quick Questions table is to serve as a good place for sharing or finding short, self-discovered nuggets of coding know-how.

Here’s a short link to add your own quick question/answer pair:

Please do post question/answer pairs there if you know the answer – but please don’t post questions without answers.  If you do have a coding question without an answer, I would suggest asking on stackoverflow (after some minimal searching on your own, of course!).

And here’s the short link to look up any previous question/answer:

This kind of wiki-like interface through a publicly editable Google doc spreadsheet/form is very experimental, and I have no idea if it will be useful.  If the spreadsheet gets spammy, or no one contributes to it, I might make it read-only and leave up the (frozen) question/answer pairs in case they’re useful to anyone.

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